Sports Instruction

Evolette Locin helps to market TAG International Tennis Academy, the leading tennis academy in Singapore. Evolette Locin focuses on increasing their online presence, engaging more potential customers and growing the business.

Members of Evolette Locin overlook and supervise the operation of the TAG International Tennis Academy. They ensure there is always a student, a coach and a booked court available. The members of Evolette Locin also answers calls, messages and emails from clients and help them arrange lessons.

Members of Evolette Locin has record of every single transaction into and out of the TAG International account. Whenever a payment is made, the members of Evolette Locin will request for a screenshot for proof of payment from the client. This keeps things organised and easy to keep track.

Human Resources
Members of the current Evolette Locin team undertook all of the Human Resources functions for TAG International Tennis Academy, which includes 11 tennis coaches.

Search engine optimization (SEO)
To ensure TAG International’s website is highly ranked on search engines and appears on the front page of google searches, Evolette Locin helps to improve TAG International’s website. Evolette Locin focuses on keywords such as “Tennis Lessons in Singapore”, “Best coaches” and “Group lessons” to attract the target audience. Furthermore, the design and usability is friendly to potential clients and the high number of backlinks also improves search engine rankings.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
Evolette Locin creates and manages targeted PPC campaigns on platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads to drive the targetted audience to TAG International’s website and thus result in more queries for tennis lessons.

When searching for tennis lessons in Singapore, TAG Tennis will appear on the first page due to the Google Ads.

Social media marketing
Evolette Locin helps TAG International build and maintain a strong presence on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. There are many posts that Evolette Locin created and posted of the coaches and lessons that will engage followers. Evolette Locin also runs social media targetted ads to further improve its online presence.

Content marketing
Evolette Locin helps TAG International create and publish high-quality content that educates and engages potential customers. This includes educational posts where coaches give advise on tennis playing, videos of top quality hitting, infographics, and more. This can help to further improve its online presence.

Enquires engine design and development
Evolette Locin also helps TAG International design, structure and implement a professional, user-friendly online form on their website for customers to enquire for tennis lessons at the academy. There are also buttons on the website that is directly linked to the WhatsApp that members of Evolette Locin uses to respond to clients.

Analytics and reporting
Evolette Locin provides regular reports on the performance of TAG International’s marketing campaigns, including website traffic, lead generation, and customer engagement for the management to review.

TAG International has many partners that support the tennis academy. This includes ActiveSG, Sergio Tacchini, Kappa, Wilson Tennis, Asics Tennis, Tecnifibre Tennis, Babolat Tennis, Sports Report, SportCares. Partnering with such successful tennis brands and names help more people be aware of TAG International and is an effective marketing tool.